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The membership of the Global Institute of Project Management is designed to enhance your career and increase your status anywhere you are, be it among your colleagues or employers. Your membership of the Institute raises your recognition to the international communities where your professionalism will be shown as a serious individual with a self commitment to project and facility management professionalism.

We are a membership driven organisation 

We brings together giants in the field in other to foster excellence in academic and professional practices in project management through the promotion and development of professional talent and expertise in all spheres of the sector.

The Membership Scheme is the alternative route to become the member of the Institute which comes with unique opportunities for acquisition of project management knowledge, skills and expertise for global best practices with professional membership of the Institute. Participants will have the opportunity of acquiring comprehensive general knowledge of Project Management from academics and professionals in the industry trained by renowned world expects of Project Managements in the best centers across the globe.
The direct membership are for professional with certain years of experience in relevant fields, this comes with the believe that such professional has acquired some certain skills and knowledge.

Individual Membership
Student member

should be a current students of accredited tertiary institutions in relevant fields. Must be an ID Card Holder of the school with all fees and registration done with the school

Associate member

a newbie in the project and facility management field with a passion to push beyond limit. must poses a minimum of 3 (three) working years experience.

Full member

must have lead a project or be part of a project team from the start to finish. Must poses a minimum of 7 years working experience. Or project mangers with the Chartered Project Manager (CPM) qualifications and has held it for 3 (three) years

Fellow member

should have demonstrated higher level of project management skills in leading project teams and must be at the top of his career. minimum of 15 years working experience with prior relevant experience in project management. or must have been a Full member for 3 (three) years.

Corporate Membership
Corporate Membership

Are you a goal oriented company? No matter your sector or Industry, GIPM corporate membership is for you.

Gain company recognition in your Industry and show clients, potential clients, partners and the community at large that you are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest industry standards in project management.

Honorary Fellow

The Honorary Fellows category are being awarded as being nominated by the Institute management board. This category is established by the by-law of the GIPM. Honorary fellows are selected from individuals and firms who have rendered services to their community and have achieved tremendous success in their careers especially in the Project management profession.

In the evaluation process, the following criteria are considered: significance of achievement; originality; impact on society; impact on the profession, and publications. Such individuals mostly should a person of varied background who are holding leadership positions in the Project Management or related industry, in government or an academia. The fellow most have an impeccable excellence in both personal and career reputation.

The presentations are normally done at our Induction and investiture programs which comes up as being announced by the Institute.

Members of the public can also nominate individuals for the honorary membership category by clicking the link below.

Anyone can nominate and can be nominated for as an honorary fellow if you believe the individual deserves it and is qualify for it base on the criteria listed above, Nomination doesn't guarantee automatic selection as the Institute management will have to take a deep look into the nomination. Kindly included their basic contact in case the management wants to contact them. Your identity will be protected if you wish to. 

Benefits and Application Precedures


Practitioners in the Project Management Industries, Procurement professionals, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, Contractors, Engineers, NGO, Logistics Professionals, Working Professionals, Bankers, Graduates and interested professionals in all disciplines.


Ø To create better awareness regarding the propositions of project management and facility management.

Ø To foster excellence in academic and professional practices in project management through the promotion and development of professional talent and expertise in all spheres of the sector.

Ø To award professional membership certificate to deserving members.

Ø To determine the acceptable knowledge, skills and experience to attain by persons seeking recognition as professionals and experts globally and in Africa;

Ø To do all such other lawful things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.



Ø Core knowledge and applied skills in project management

Ø Essential communication skills to help you manage a project

Ø Project phases and the project life cycle

Ø How to management time in any project.

Ø Project human resource management

Ø Project communication management

Ø Project procurement management

Ø An understanding of why today’s projects are more complex

Ø Understanding risk in project management

Ø Project planning development

Ø Cost budgeting, cost estimating and cost control

Ø Quality planning, quality assurance and quality control

Ø Project contracts and products.


A. Honorary Fellow member (by the management).

B. Fellow member (minimum of 15 years working experience with prior relevant experience in project management).

C. Full member (minimum of 7 years working experience in related field).

D. Associate member (minimum of 3 years working experience).

E. Student member (current students of accredited tertiary institutions in relevant fields).

F. Corporate member (a lawful, functional registered firm in any sector).



Interested applicants are to send their CURRICULUM VITAE to memebrship@gipmafrica.com and make payment directly into the institute official account. Thereafter send the evidence of payment to membership@gipmafrica.com which you will be immediately contacted for the date and location of the Induction and Investiture ceremony.

All payment should be made into the Institute official account

Bank: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Account Name: Global Institute of Project Management Limited

Account Number: 5297346014

All evidence of payment must be sent to membership@gipmafrica.com or brought our administrative office.

Be a




Lagos Mainland | Lagos Island | Ibadan and Online

21th October - 9th December, 2023

Be a

Chartered Project Manager

Lagos Mainland | Lagos Island | Ibadan | PortHarcourt and Online

21th October - 9th December, 2023

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