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Accredited Members

GIPM corporate membership gives you, your company and your team:

Unlimited downloads: GIPM magazines, latest publications by our international partners, study materials, updated standards in PM.

Annual general meetings: You will have a voice and voting power in our annual general meetings.

Adverts: You will have the liberty of having time and space for telling the world about your firm at an heavily discounted rate in any of our programs across the continent.

Discounted re-certification:  Your team members will be enjoying discounted fee in any of our workshops, seminars and periodic investitures.

Courses: We can host a tailored course at your company for your team members, or send employees to any of our training centers nationwide at a discounted fee.

Sponsorship opportunities: Support local events, conferences, scholarships, and the student design competition by becoming a sponsor.

Recognition: Your company can be nominated for the GIPM ‘Distinguished Organization’ Award for your contributions to the industry and the society at large.


For registrations contact us via membership@gipmafrica.com

You will be required to submit the following documents

1. Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate

2. Company Profile

3. Directors CV & Credentials

Be a




Lagos Mainland | Lagos Island | Ibadan and Online

21th October - 9th December, 2023

Be a

Chartered Project Manager

Lagos Mainland | Lagos Island | Ibadan | PortHarcourt and Online

21th October - 9th December, 2023

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