Project Quality Management qualification

GIPM single certification qualification is a designed to suit professionals who need a direct and well tailored qualification in a particular strategic area of project management. These qualifications will give you a readily transferable and versatile set of skills and abilities, which can be applied to a wide range of different jobs and industries. Our single certification course helps to ease the hassle of studying the module which are irrelevant to your jobs or goals and aspiration, it saves time and ultimately saves cost. The qualifications are being awarded in the specific field you have chosen after successfully passing the specified examination.

This is the Certified Project Quality Management (CPQM) qualification helps to be fully knowledgeable about Project Quality.

Project Integrated Managemnt

Why Project Quality Management qualification?

This is the Global Institute of Project Management single certification qaulification which is tailored for professionals who wants to have the intence knowledge about Project Integration as well as to be certified with its qualification. You will be an industry expect in Project Integration Managegent and will hence earn better repect for your works which will definately lead to higher income. At the successfull passsage of the examination, you will be a qualify as a Certified Project Quality Manager (CPQM).

What is Project Quality?

Integrated project management—in which all of an organization’s business units use a consistent approach to project management and share information about project needs and objectives—is essential for maintaining or improving team efficiency and project effectiveness within a growing company.

Project integration means making various processes work together. The coordination of all project processes in other to have a more effective and efficient organization.

What are the course objective?

Quality is one of the triple constraints of Time, Cost, and Quality. As such, when you need better quality you need to put in more time or cost. Because of this integral nature of the quality of the project’s deliverables, the quality level should be established during project planning and specified within the project management plan. Then when issues arise regarding product specifications, there is a plan to deal with it.

At the end of the course you should be able to

  • Plan Quality Management. The Quality Management Plan can be a section of the project management plan or a stand alone document, and it contains the quality specifications for the product or service. There should be no doubt whether the product being produced is a Mercedes-Benz or a Pinto.

  • Manage Quality. The processes that ensure the quality of the deliverables must be inspected regularly to ensure they are working.

  • Control Quality. The deliverables themselves are inspected to ensure they conform to the quality standards.

How will the course be delivered?

The course willl be delivered through self-study or through any of our study center nationwide. After your registration fee payment, all the study materials will be sent to the email address provided. you will then choose the date for your qualifing examination. You can download a sample past question for free.

How much is the the fee?

The total fee is N30,000 (thirty thousand naira only), which is payable only to the officail institute account. After papyment, send a mail to us indicating the evidence of payment.

What qualification am i getting?

You will be a Certified Project Quality Manager (CPQM).

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